How Do You Feel About a Central AZ Blogshoot? (Bumped)

For some time in late January?  (Poll added.)

There’s a bunch of us now, and I haven’t met half of you. Just a short list – Let me know who I’ve missed in comments and I’ll add them:

Great Satan Inc.
Exurban League
Sandcastle Scrolls
Guffaw in AZ
Dustin’s Gun Blog
Gator in the Desert
Arizona Shooter
Empty Mags
Eric Shelton
Cowboy Blob
Desert Rat
Macker’s World
Religion Press
Bill of Grace
Nine Pound Sledgehammer
Primeval Papa 
Vuurwapen Blog
An Inconvenient Man
Cap’n Bob and the Damsel
Of Arms and the Law
Void Where Prohibited

That’s seventeen twenty-six.  Remember, they don’t all have to be gun bloggers, just bloggers who might be interested in going to a shoot.  Who else?

BUMPED: It looks like the last Sunday in January is the winner.

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