Quote of the Day – Education Edition

Another one from Tam:

Look, without getting into my usual rants about public education (in which I point out that the adjective “public” modifies the noun “school” the same way it does “transportation” or “restroom”: serving as a warning that it is filthy and full of junkies and criminals,) can we agree that the school board has larger fish to fry than this minnow? After all, what good does it do to be able to laboriously copy out “See Spot run” in the most elegant of scripts if you haven’t successfully been taught to read it in the first place?

UPDATE: This one from Tam is better, and would have won had I seen it first:

Central governments have managed to turn murder from a hobby pursued at home by individual craftsmen into a wholesale industry churning out slipshod and substandard corpses in numbers that can’t be read without sounding like Carl Sagan.

It’s connection to education? We should learn from our past.

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