Capitalist Pig and Mz. VRWC attended last Sunday’s Bowling Pin shoot and took some video.  They sent me some of it, and most of it has me in it, shooting.  This one, for example, is Major and I’m shooting my Kimber:
That’s me in the center, if you couldn’t tell.  This was early, before it warmed up.

Here’s the Minor semi-final, with Mz. VRWC on the right and Jim Burnett on the left.  This one was tight, but in the video replay it’s obvious that Mz. VRWC won by a fraction of a second:

Here’s one where having those extra two rounds in the Smith 327 made the difference.  That’s me on the right:

Here’s one where having the extra two rounds were no help at all:

And, finally, the one class that I seem to do very well in – .22 rimfire:
That’s Capitalist Pig in the center. Thanks for the video!

Next match is January 8.  Hope to see you there!

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