Damn, You DO Like Recoil!

The post about the .950JDJ is well on its way to becoming has become my most popular post (by linkage and traffic) ever.

SayUncle linked it.  And Weer’d. Then lgstarr. (New to me.)

But in the last few days, it hit the message boards. Hard:

Accurate Reloading

Texas Riders (a motorcycle board.)

Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club (another motorcycle board, membership required to view.)

Aprilla Forum (ANOTHER motorcycle board that requires membership)



TexasKayakFisherman.com (?!?!)


Kel-Tec Owner’s Group (That one I can kinda understand.)

Texas Predator Posse 

Pennock’s Fiero Forum





AirgunBBS.com (members only)

UK Varminting



Damn Locals 4X4 Club

PAFOA Forums

Taxidermy.net Forum (members only.)

New England Hunter’s Network

Freedom Sledder Forum


The Stalking Directory

Delaware Open Carry

And about 200 600 hits from emails and Facebook.

I think there’s a couple more I’ve missed that came from across the pond. I’ll keep updating this as new ones show up in the referrer logs.

That one post has had (as I write this) 2,577 4,630 8,019 12,087 hits since it went up, according to Google Analytics; viewed by 2,367 4,232 7,354 11,066 unique IP addresses.

This is just amazing. Who knew?

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