Dallas Blogshoot

I’m really looking forward to the Dallas blogshoot on Saturday. I’ve been getting everything together that I’m bringing:

  • M1 Carbine and 900 or so rounds
  • M1 Garand and six bandoleers of en bloc clips
  • M14 (my LRB M25) and ten loaded mags
  • M4gery and ten mags
  • Kimber Classic 1911 and a couple hundred rounds
  • 327 TRR8 and about 150 rounds
  • M&P9 and a couple hundred rounds.

That ought to weigh the ‘Stang down a bit. Obviously, I won’t be shooting all of this up, so there’d better be a bunch of people attending!

I’ve been checking on the weather. A couple of days ago the prediction was for 72º and windy. Now it’s for the high 60’s and breezy. Guess I’ll bring a jacket. Still haven’t made hotel reservations. I may not, and just find whatever’s close that looks decent. I’m planning on driving over on Friday, getting into the DFW area about 10PM local, then leaving on Monday morning. That gives me an extra day in the area. 

Hope to see you there!

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