I Drank the Kool-Aid (Bumped)

Happy birthday to me. (And this is my BAG Day gun, since I bought it once I knew we were getting a substantial tax return.)

I just picked up my present to myself, a Smith & Wesson M&P9. I looked at both the full-sized and the compact, but my hands are big enough that the compact just didn’t fit right. I traded in a Ruger GP-100 on it, so it only set me back $165 plus tax. Now I need an Apex trigger, more magazines, magazine pouches and a concealment holster. Finally, I guess I’m going to have to get a 9mm caliber change kit for my Square-Deal B so I can reload for 9mm.

Only $165. Yeah. Right.

Well, at least I’m with all the other kool kids who have drunk the M&P Kool-Aid.

UPDATE:  Fresh out of the box I used the new M&P to win Minor class at my bowling pin match out of a field of seven shooters, and I think I would have won the overall match if I hadn’t run out of ammo.  (I brought 84 rounds, but I needed about 90.)  All 84 rounds (Winchester 124 grain NATO +P FMJ) ran flawlessly, with no failures of any kind, and I even managed to clean at least one table with five shots.  It hits where it’s pointed.  I haven’t been a fan of tactical Tupperware, but this thing is impressive.

And Robb Allen has the graphic I was looking for to top this post.

UPDATE: Now I’ve got six magazines, 1,000 pieces of brass and a bunch of projectiles to load, and I need to order the Apex parts.

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