OK, So I Wanna Build an AR

I put my order in today for a “Fill Your Hands You Son of a Bitch” York Arms stripped AR-15 lower, and I want to build a .50 Beowulf .458 SOCOM on it.

I’ve never built an AR.  I don’t have a bench vise, but I can pick one up from Harbor Freight fairly cheaply.  I know Brownell’s or somebody had a series of videos on building your own AR, but I haven’t been able to find them.  I’ve checked both Brownell’s and Midway and they are out of stock on AR-15 lower parts kits.  I don’t want to buy an Alexander Arms complete upper, I’d like to build an upper based on this 18″ AR-Stoner stainless barrel. I’m going to buy a Rock River complete upper.

I have a stock wrench and standard hand tools. So what other tools will I need?

UPDATED:  I’ve decided to go .458 SOCOM instead.  Thanks for all the suggestions and recommendations!

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