Match Report – Bowling Pins, 6/10/12

Well, I’ve heard the expression “Won the whole shootin’ match,” but I’ve never actually done it.

Until today.

Seven other shooters showed up for the June Bowling Pin match.  Two brought Major guns, four brought Minor guns, six brought revolvers, and six brought .22’s.  There were too few of us to break out Major vs. Minor, so we shot centerfire pistol as one class.  There were a lot of malfs.  Still, I managed to win all three divisions.  (No malfs on my part, except for the loose nut behind the trigger.)

Note:  Eight shots in the revolver class really helps.  I only managed to clear a table in six shots or less twice.  The rest of the time it took seven, and once it took all eight.

The next match is July 8.  Hope to see you there.

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