Quote of the Day – Education Edition

Via Ann Althouse:

Homeschool. Your kids will be screwed if you don’t.

The world will not look kindly on people who put their kids into public school. We all know that learning is best when it’s customized to the child and we all know that public schools are not able to do that effectively. And the truly game-changing private schools cost $40,000 a year.

It’s clear is that homeschooled kids will rule the world when Generation Z enters the workplace. So figure out a way to alleviate mommy guilt by homeschooling your kids to get them on that path. You don’t have to do the teaching yourself. You can pay someone. But you need to get your kids out of a system that everyone knows does not work. — Penelope Trunk, Blueprint for a Woman’s Life

Can’t say I agree with many of her other recommendations, but I think she’s spot-on with this one.

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