Roku Won’t be Getting Any More of My Money

I bought my first Roku box on the recommendation of Instapundit back in April of 2011.  Streaming Netflix to my TV!  How cool! 

But in February, 2012, it croaked, and Roku’s warranty is 30 days – period.  Including shipping, $95.26 and ten months of life.

Well, OK, sometimes you get a bad piece, and in the mean time new models with higher performance had come out, and I didn’t see a competing device that was any better so I popped for an upgrade – $98.18 with free shipping.

It’s dead, Jim.  Four months old and it’s a paperweight.

I’m done.  No more Roku anything.  Apparently “Roku” means either “junk” or “sucker!”  Either way, once is happenstance; twice is coincidence.  Three times is enemy action. 

One of these is on order. With my points, it was $87.50. And I can watch YouTube videos on it, which Roku doesn’t allow.

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