That’s Unpossible!

They’re from San Francisco!  They can’t know how to shoot!

S.F. couple kill daughter’s alleged pimp, cops say

A San Francisco couple whose teenage daughter was allegedly being pimped by a Southern California man tracked him around the state, failing at one attempt to kill him before shooting him to death near Candlestick Park, authorities said Wednesday.

Pretty sad. Couldn’t they get help from the authorities?

The couple have been together since middle school and live with their three other children in San Francisco. Their daughter disappeared some time ago and after searching for her, Gilton and Mercado discovered that she was turning tricks and that Sneed was her pimp, their attorneys said.

“They had gone out to local police agencies, agencies in Southern California – they had even tried talking to national organizations,” said Eric Safire, Gilton’s attorney. “Every place they turned to turned them away.”

Guess not.

It seems the evidence is mostly circumstantial:

On June 4, Sneed was in San Francisco, driving his Toyota Camry at Meade and LeConte avenues at 2 a.m., when someone – prosecutors say it was Gilton – shot him with a .40-caliber handgun. Sneed crashed into a parked car and died a short time later at San Francisco General Hospital.

A few hours later, police questioned the girl at the Bayview Station, Safire said. On Saturday, her parents were arrested.

Sneed was a victim of a drive-by shooting in South Los Angeles last year, according to Los Angeles police. An appeal filed in a murder case involving a friend of his said that both the friend and Sneed were members of the Nutty Block Crip street gang.

Apparently the daughter fingered the parents, but really, how reliable a witness can she be? And the victim was a gang member previously involved in two drive-by shootings. Sounds like reasonable doubt to me.

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