Well, Bummer.

As I have noted previously, I have a Rock River AR upper chambered in .458 SOCOM coming to go with my new York Arms lower.  I have brass, primers, powder, and dies in hand, and a case gauge coming.  What I need are bullets.

The one I want to try most is the Remington .458 405 grain softpoint, but I have been unable to find it at any retailer.  So, I emailed Remington:

Could you inform me as to when Remington will be making a production run of the .458 caliber 405 grain softpoint projectile?  I cannot find this bullet in stock at any retail outlet, and it’s the one I am most interested in trying in my .458 SOCOM.  From what I’ve read, this is a once-a-year product for Remington, and from all appearances not enough were made last year to keep up with demand.
Thank you for your attention.

They responded:

There are no scheduled runs for the bullets alone. We have two runs scheduled for 45-70 loads that have the 405 grain bullet however.

I replied:

Am I to gather from this response that Remington does not intend to produce this projectile as a reloading component in 2012, then?

And the conclusion:

There are non(sic) on the schedule and that is the conclusion that we would come to as well. Our apologies.

Well, damn.

One of the reasons I chose the .458 over the .50 Beowulf was bullet selection. I guess not so much anymore.

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