The seventh annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous is only 27 days away, and I’m not going to get my .458 SOCOM upper in time. 

I ordered it on May 3, with an advertised 90-day lead time.  I checked with Rock River a couple of days ago, and here is their response:

The .458’s are running over the approximate 90 day time frame, so it could be 30-45 days before it is available.

Rock River is still advertising “60-90 days” for “most LAR-458 rifles and upper halves.”

Regardless, I won’t have a “thumper” to bring with me to the Rendezvous. I’ve got dies, brass, bullets even (some kind people let me have some of their private stash, so I’ve got about 200 of the 405 grain Remington softpoints to load.)

But nothing to shoot them through.

Ah, well. It’ll still be fun.

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