Quote of the Day – Tough History Coming Edition

From the comments to More on Rights:

“In other words I think the only thing that can turn this country around now is to have a strong reinforcement of existing Property Rights by the government”

I’m thinking we might have to explain them TO the Government, at sword point, eventually..

Either way someone’s gonna be ‘splain’in somethin, at the point of a sword before this plays out..

I’ve lost faith that it can be any other way..   Look at it this way..   5 years ago “prepping” was something that crazy Mormons did…   Now, there are crazy preppers on TV but..   Thousands of ‘real’ preppers quietly preparing..

It’s not that they ARE doing it.  It’s that if someone tells you “I think it’s all going to go to hell soon” you argue about ‘how’ soon is soon..    Not If..

Charles Bennett

I’ve noticed this myself in discussions with customers.  Just last weekend, Tucson had its first-ever survivalist/prepper Expo, and from all reports it was well attended.  Just not covered much by the media.

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