OK, I’m backlogged. I have another essay on Rights that I owe people from a couple of weeks ago. I’ve started it, but it looks like another überpost, and those take a bit. Markadelphia has returned, once again wrapped in his blanket of “I’m not, you are!” I owe HIM a response to something from quite a while back, but that’s not gonna happen until after the Rights piece.

I’m buried at work, and I’m supposed to go on vacation starting Labor Day weekend, but it now looks like I’ll be tied up for a day or two on an emergency project before leaving for Gun Blogger Rendezvous VII on Thursday of next week – and if you think I’ll be doing any non-GBR related posting over THAT weekend, you’ve got another think coming. Over Labor Day and the days leading up to leaving I WAS going to finish painting the exterior of my house. I still hope to get to that. Blogging will, of course, suffer.

Somewhere in there I need to load some more ammo for the trip, get all my stuff put together and in the same place.

TL;DR version: Don’t expect much out of me for a week or three.

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