Got that one from my brother in email tonight.  Kinda reminds me of this one:


In other news, Dinesh D’Souza’s new film 2016:  Obama’s America is apparently going to be #3 at the box office this week, even though it is in limited release, and it’s gaining in per-theater ticket sales with each successive week.  I didn’t realize it had opened here in Tucson this weekend.  I’ll have to catch it soon.  This is one I won’t mind paying full-price to see.

In Bill Whittle’s latest Stratosphere Lounge ‘cast, he said something interesting (I know, shocking, innit?):

There’s no question that American businesses are sitting on tons of money. There’s an enormous amount of private capital out there waiting to be spent, and they’re not spending it, and rightfully so. They’re not spending it because these Marxists in Washington have demonized business, demonized prosperity, demonized success, so rightfully and sensibly companies are not spending money. They’re not hiring people or buying new trucks or opening factories because they don’t know what the tax rate is. They haven’t even passed a budget in three years! They can’t predict it.

Then (viewer) Jeremy’s made this point – he’s said that it’s better to have a high tax rate that we know is coming than it is to have an unknowable tax rate, because businesses have to plan ahead. So if Ryan and Romney, Romney and Ryan, are elected in November, I predict the Dow’s going to jump five thousand points overnight, and before he’s inagurated the economy’s going to be up four, five, six percent in growth because of this.

Of course, needless to say, all the liberals will say it’s racism and Obama has already gone on record saying he doesn’t want Romney elected because Romney’s gonna get credit for the economic recovery which is going to be here just any minute. So if Romney is elected and the Dow jumps five thousand points the next day, and everybody starts hiring, Obama’s woulda said, “Man, if that election woulda only happened a week later, I woulda won!”


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