0 for 7

Well, I’ve been attending the Gun Blogger Rendezvous since its inception.  The first year the top prize at the Saturday night raffle was a pistol – a High Point 9mm.  Each year since the prizes have gotten better and better – more guns, more neat swag.  I even gave away a gun at the 2009 GBR.

But I’ve never won one.

I’d hoped that last year would end my dry streak.  Bea had donated a Ruger Blackhawk that she said she wanted me to win, but it was not to be.  Molly Smith took home the certificate for that one.

This year, Ruger Engineering Johnson donated a .45LC Vaquero I really wanted.

My nemesis took it once again.  (Meddling kids!)  And she’s sponsored by Smith & Wesson!

Oh well, I guess winning a gun will be a once-in-a-lifetime event for me.

Buth there’s always next year.

(Typos corrected.  I was in a hurry and typing on my EeePC keyboard.  Sue me.)

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