Fleeing Libertopia

So Breitbart is reporting that Campbell’s Soup is closing their Sacramento, CA plant (700 jobs) and relocating production to plants in Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio.  In related news, they’re pulling out of South Plainfield, New Jersey, too. Can’t imagine what would prompt such moves, can you?

Breitbart also reports:

Campbell’s isn’t the only big business to flee California’s oppressive business climate this week. Comcast announced two days ago that it will close all three of its call centers in Northern California, including one in Sacramento. 1,000 Comcast employees, including 300 in Sacramento, will have to pull up stakes.

Doubt they’ll all relocate.  Jerry Brown’s just wowin’ ’em, isn’t he?

Hell, maybe Tucson will get a new call center. It seems like that’s the only kind of business our city wants moving in.

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