Haven’t You Heard?

Quote of the day, from Tam:

You know, you expect it from MSNBC, but from the national network shows down to the local news programs, the Party Convention-related blurbs this morning have all had an air of

Now that the Nazis in Tampa have finished their cross-burning, put women back in purdah, and shoved grandma onto an ice floe, let’s see what the Real Americans are doing in Charlotte. Bob, over to you; do you have any official sense yet on how much more the Real Americans care about the little guy than the Nazis do, or are they saving that for a surprise?

Well, Barry still hasn’t lost his core constituency: The American media.

But, but George Stephanopoulos says there’s no bias in the media!

And by all means, read the rest of Tam’s post, which would be a QotD in and of itself.

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