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UK expat reader Phil B. (now living in Middle Earth) sends links to the story of Dale Cregan, fine upstanding British subject now suspected in the murders of at least four people, most recently two female constables in an ambush:

For the two unarmed policewomen it was a routine call to a suspected burglary.

But, half an hour later, Fiona Bone, 32, and Nicola Hughes, 23, were gunned down in an act of ‘despicable evil’.

The story of the break-in was apparently a fabrication and lying in wait was a killer.

He cut the constables down in a hail of bullets before tossing a grenade at them.

(My emphasis.)

So, how are those “toughest gun laws in the world” working out for you?

And this isn’t Mr. Cregan’s (alleged) first use of a hand grenade, either:

Police had offered a £50,000 reward for information about the murders of David Short, 46, and his son Mark, 23.

The Short family had been at loggerheads with a rival clan for more than ten years but it spilled into bloodshed – reputedly over drug debts – in May when Mark Short was killed.

A gunman walked into the Cotton Tree pub in Droylsden on May 25 and Mark Short died from a gunshot wound to the neck.

Four men have been charged in connection with his murder and are due to enter pleas at Manchester Crown Court in November.

David Short was killed in a gun and grenade attack at his home in Clayton on August 10 and earlier this month a 33-year-old man appeared at Manchester Crown Court charged with his murder.

That man was Dale Cregan, who had been “released on police bail pending further inquiries”.

Now in that last link there’s a very interesting sidebar. Guess what the “new weapon of choice” is over in “Gun Free Britain”?

Teams of armed officers involved in the manhunt were aware of the increasing involvement of grenades in crime in the North West. (My emphasis.)

They were told the Russian-made military devices each contained 1,000 ball bearings with a ‘kill zone’ of more than 25 yards.

One of the best-known Soviet grenades is the F1, nicknamed the Little Lemon, which has a four-second fuse.

Based on a French design and introduced during World War II, it is now obsolete but can still be found in war zones and is highly prized by gangsters.

This year two Merseyside gangsters were jailed for life after planting a grenade in bushes outside former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish’s home. It was apparently intended for a neighbour.

They were responsible for a merciless campaign of violence including numerous shootings but their weapon of choice was the grenade.

Phil notes in his email:

Of course the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS – which among the cognoscenti stands for “Couldn’t Prosecute Satan”) which couldn’t get its act together and the Courts that refuse to jail offenders are to blame and deserve their share of criticism for not dong their job….

Not Satan, but they’ll prosecute homeowners for defending themselves, as long as there’s not too much negative press first.

He concludes:

But of course years and years of social engineering have taken their toll on the fabric and morals of society – and why not? Who but the law abiding fears the law?

I am SO glad that I am 12,000 miles away from this lot….

I’m glad you escaped too, Phil.

I’m going back to Left4Dead2.

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