Off to See the Wizard

The trip will be a bit different this year. Instead of driving the Mustang for 15 hours each way, I’ll be traveling up with first timer Danno of the blog SandCastle Scrolls.

In his Cessna 310.

Too cool.

It has just a bit more horsepower than the ‘Stang, but it’ll do the better part of 200mph, and will take us from Chandler, AZ to Carson City, NV in about 3½ hours, where we’ll pick up a rental and drive the remaining thirty minutes to Reno.

Unfortunately, the Cessna doesn’t have the cargo capacity of the Mustang, so I had to leave a few things behind this year I’d planned on taking. I’ll be bringing my Garand, my M1 Carbine, and three handguns, but I’m leaving a (borrowed) semi-auto Thompson, my 1917 Enfield, and my “Power Tool” – the T/C Encore chambered in .260 Remington.

Anyway, we hope to be off the ground and en route by 10:30 AM, which should put us on the ground in time to meet up with the group at Cabela’s.

Hope you’re coming this year. Should be a good one!

Oh, and blogging will be light for the next couple of days.

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