Quote of the Day – Markadelphia’s Back!

From the comment thread to Bitter Clingers, Unix Jedi gets the nod for today’s Quote of the Day:

You’re lecturing, and you’re telling us that 2+2 = yellow. ¬†Further, if you multiply by Pie, you get Jasmine scent.

Let’s break down your broken-down thought.

that there are very wealthy

Wealth does not equal income.

people in the 47 percent who also don’t pay federal income tax

So you admit that the 47 percent figure is only discussing “federal income tax”, so your strawmen of other people’s “confusion” and “incorrectness” are deliberate obfuscations and deceptions.

so the tax cuts argument will most certainly reach them.

Why? If they’re not paying income tax, why would a further reduction matter to them, personally?

Lemme restate what you just said:

People who have a lot of stuff, don’t pay income taxes, but the chance they might pay less would affect them.

Mark, and you’ve got the effrontery to try and “Furthermore”, lecture us?

You can’t even keep your own “facts” coherent for 20 sentences!

You, sir, win one Internet! Where would you like it delivered?

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