Quote of the Day – Inevitable Fascism Edition

Before Fascism can arise, the people have to first believe in socialism – i.e. they have to believe in a total state that can solve all problems. By savaging the ideas of free-economics and democracy, the notionally international socialists pave the way for the national socialist.

All international socialist regimes eventually evolve into national socialist for the simple reason that while international class identity is utterly mythical, ethnic and cultural identity is not.

It’s not just the ideological indoctrination that lays the groundwork, it’s the active disruption of society and the economy by the international socialist. The history of Fascism clearly shows that all national socialist states arise after a protracted and significant attack on the society by international socialists. Mussolini rose to power only after his nationalist socialist thugs put an end to a crippling internationalist combo of strikes, riots and terrorism so bad that people in the cities were beginning to starve. Hitler rose to power thanks to the SA street brawlers protecting the urban lower-middle class from vicious attacks by ruthless gangs of (mostly) Stalinists.

Once you’ve decided to have some ice cream and enter the ice cream shop, it’s then just a question of what flavor you want. Once the pseudo-intellectuals have destroyed the widespread acceptance of individual freedom in economic matters, it then just becomes a matter of choosing which flavor of socialism people will choose.

— Shannon Love, in a comment to the World Affairs Journal post A Whiff of Weimar.

RTWT. EUtopia is ugly, and getting uglier.

And I have to add this, courtesy of Rachel – EU Parliament member Nigel Farage of the UK from a couple of days ago:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSoCZs8WlDg?rel=0]

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