Remington Lied. Sorta.

Back in June I reported that Remington wouldn’t be making their 405 grain .458″ softpoint bullets as reloading components, based on an email exchange I had with them.  Regardless, through the power of the interwebs, I managed to get my hands on some (though, regardless of the power of the interwebs I have YET to receive my Rock River upper to shoot them through).

This afternoon I received an email from Midway USA informing me that these bullets are currently in stock!  So Remington DID make a batch for component sales.

But not many, apparently.  Between 3:52PM when I received the email and 7:37PM when I checked the web site, they’re all gone.

Perhaps they made a batch of the 300 grainers as well?  Nope.  None of those either.

Oh well. 

(Of course, it occurs to me that Midway might have lied….)

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