Quote of the Day – Nice Daydream Edition

From a comment at Rachel’s:

Maybe it’s time to go rope-a-dope. Maybe this is the moment for Boehner to call a news conference on the steps of the capitol, with all House and Senate Republicans clustered behind him, to say something like: “Fellow Americans. Members of the media. We are here to congratulate the President and the Democrat party for their election victory. You want more candy? We’ll give you all the fucking candy you can eat. Higher taxes on the rich? You got it. Fast track for Obamacare? Let’s accelerate that sucker so the wait time for an MRI is a couple of months by 2016. History tells us that an iceberg is lying straight ahead of our unsinkable ship. History also tells us that if the Titanic had rammed the iceberg head on, it would have stayed afloat. So we’re not going to try to wrestle the wheel away from our teenaged Captain. We’re just going to tell him, and all the other passengers, that we’re about to hit a shitload of ice. So wear a warm coat, and full steam ahead.” – Buddhahat

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