Quote of the Day – Rachel Lucas (Once More!)

It’s 10:50 p.m. in Turin and if I stay on the internet and see one more poll like this CNN one that has Obama tied with Romney, but with a +11 Democrat sample – which is 57% higher than the advantage Obama had in 2008 – then one of my carotid arteries will spontaneously hemorrhage. It’s not that such polls are right and therefore scary, it’s that they are so unfathomably insulting to human intelligence that key biological systems self-destruct to protect the cerebral cortex from irreparable damage secondary to what we in the medical field call WTF NeuroParalysis.

Rachel at her best.

Insulting to human intelligence?  The media knows its audience, Rachel.  It’s been playing to them for decades.

UPDATE:  I had the day off for personal reasons, and driving around between appointments, I tuned into the Rush Limbaugh show for a change just to see how histrionic he would get on this last day before the election.  He kept hitting the topic of the polls, the polls, the polls!  It’s a tie!  Obama’s ahead!  Romney’s ahead!  It’s too close to call!  He made largely the same point that Rachel does above, pointing out the (obvious) skewing, generally buried several paragraphs down in the poll reports.

Paraphrasing, he said something along the lines of “I thought this close to the election the pollsters would be more interested in being right than in trying to influence the vote, but I was wrong.  What are they going to do when Obama loses big?”

I shouted the answer back at the radio:  Blame it on voter suppression and CHEATING.  They’ve been screaming about voter ID being “voter suppression” for months now, and the Democrats always accuse the Right of what they themselves are doing, so you can bet your ass they’re going to scream that the election was stolen by voter suppression and fraud.  I just hope Romney wins, and by a big enough margin to overcome their cheating.

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