Local Gunshop Update

From my friend at my favorite gun shop, an update:

If you are interested, here is the current “state” of things at the shop:

We have ONE AR platform left.

We have ONE M-1A platform left

We have a handful of AK platforms left

We have NO high-cap mags for ARs or AKs left

We have a handful of 20-round M-1A mags left

We are almost out of Glocks

We are almost out of Glock mags

We are OUT of .380 ammo

We are almost out of 9mm ammo

We are still good on .223 and 7.62X39 ammo

We are running low on Ruger 10/22s

There is a faint hope that we MIGHT see one or two ARs “sometime after the first of the year”. Same with mags, parts kits, etc.

And this is hardly an exception. Tam links to this report at The Firearm Blog, with photographic evidence.

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