Mutually Exclusive

I saw a car today with an “I OBAMACARE” bumpersticker on it.  It took me a minute, however, to read the one below that:

(Click for full size)

My immediate reaction:

Like HELL you are!

So I dragged out the camera and snapped that shot just to show you.

When I got home and looked at the full-sized image, I noted that the lower bumpersticker is from  Well, that explains it.  The ACLU is a supporter of the “living Constitution” idea, so for the woman in this Civic, obviously whatever she thinks is Constitutional is – by definition – Constitutional!

And people who think like that outvote those of us who don’t.

And people who think like that are likely to think like this:

Remind you of anyone?  Want to know where that video originated?  The California Federation of Teachers union.  But teachers don’t indoctrinate our youth, right? 

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