Quote of the Day – Andrew Klavan Edition

But in order to tell you that, first I need to tell you this.

From a comment to my post How We “Lost the Culture War” by our very own Markadelphia:

This is why I am a Democrat and not a Republican. Democrats aren’t perfect and they do fail at times but at least they stand for something. They wanted to lower poverty in the elderly so they passed Social Security. Poverty in the elderly was above 50 percent when SS passed and now it is under 10 percent. The Democrats wanted a national Civil Rights Act because of abuses to minorities in the South. They passed it and look where we are today as a result. In short, they produce.

Got that?


Now, Andrew Klavan from How Ben Afflek’s Argo Screws with History:

The imagination is the only nation where Democrats get it right. We need to conquer that country.

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