Fracking Hollywood

A while back, I chipped in some cash so that the documentary FrackNation could be finished.  Well, it’s finished:


Yup, it’s going to be on cable, on AXS TV.  I’ll DVR it.  Should be interesting when compared to Matt Damon’s oil-money-funded feature drama Promised Land.

UPDATE: And they’ve upped the ante with respect to Promised Land:

Matt Damon called ‘liar’ by pro-fracking filmmaker

Accompanied by this photo:

Photobucket attended on a panel discussion about “Promised Land” featuring Damon and reported that Damon said the movie wasn’t political.

“I don’t want to call Matt Damon a liar but he’s a liar, really,” McAleer said. “It’s a deeply political movie and it’s deeply disingenuous for Matt Damon to say otherwise. … Matt Damon isn’t telling the truth.”

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