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Daimler Trucks to lay off 1,200 at three Charlotte-area plants

Daimler Trucks North America will temporarily lay off 1,200 employees in three Charlotte-area truck and truck parts plants.

The numbers finally appeared this morning on the N.C. Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Website. The numbers mean that 1,200 of the 1,300 layoffs will come from the three Charlotte-area DTNA manufacturing facilities.

Portland, Ore.-based Daimler employs some 6,400 workers at four manufacturing and administrative facilities in the Charlotte region.

Robert Van Geons, executive director of RowanWorks, says he’s confident that the cutbacks are temporary.

Here’s the kicker:

Just a year ago, Daimler boosted its Charlotte-region work force by roughly 1,100, adding a second shift at its Rowan County manufacturing facility. But the company later said its projected volume and demand had not materialized, causing slower-than-expected growth in employment and forcing temporary closures on occasional days.

So they’re laying off 100 more people than they just recently hired.

Yup, all that Hope-‘n-Change never materialized.

I wonder if Daimler got any government-secured loans?

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