Out With the Old, In With the… Older!

About seven years ago, I bought a Winchester 94 for BAG day, the 24″ blued version, chambered in .45 Long Colt.  Nice rifle, but the 24″ barrel was a bit unwieldy and I really wanted something in stainless, but at the time those were rare as hen’s teeth.

Well, my favorite Merchant-O’Death dropped me an email last night to inform me that they’d just received a stainless Rossi M92 carbine in .45LC, if I was interested.

So this morning I trekked over to the shop, hunted for a place to park, (thanks, Obama!) and went in and made a trade. Almost seven years ago I dropped $399 on the Winchester. I got $400 for it today on trade, and dropped an extra $105 to pick up the Rossi. Two model years older (Winchester ’92 vs. ’94), but much handier with a 16″ barrel, and the action is quite smooth. Now I’m looking at modifying it with a peep sight to replace the bolt-mounted safety and a metal magazine follower to replace the plastic one. These seem to be the most recommended modifications made by the Cowboy Action shooters. Very nice piece!

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