Well, I Recommend the AZ Blogshoot, but…

I just received an email from the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association (of which I’m a member).  To wit:

The safety and information class for all you new AR15 owners….yes all 7,000 of you in Arizona which purchased Americas Most Popular Rifle in the last 10 days!
Join us for this informative and fun seminar this Saturday.

So….why would you not attend this fun and informative class?

When: Saturday, January 5th.
Where: Ben Avery Shooting Complex
(I-17 & Carefree Highway)
Phoenix Police Department Rifle Range #1
Time: 9am to 12noon
Cost: *$10 (includes range fees, Safety Device, Study Materials, etc.)

Equipment: Your UNLOADED and CASED AR15, 40-50 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, appropriate clothing, water and sunscreen.

* This class is free to ASRPA members.

Seven thousand AR-15s in ten days. In one state. And this doesn’t include the M1As, AK-47s and -74s, Mini-14s, etc. Just ARs.

Yeah. Americans want more gun control. Right.

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