Quote of the Day – Registration Edition

Via Oleg Volk:

From Boris Karpa, a man who was an American born elsewhere by accident: “Let me be clear about this: background checks for private transfers is gun registration.

“Not ‘could lead to gun registration’, it literally IS gun registration.

“It does not matter if they put in a little sentence that says ‘the government is not allowed to keep records’ – that sentence will go away at the next mass-shooting – and then the government will simply start hitting the SAVE button after it processes your next gun purchase. We’re in the world of computers now. Keeping terabytes of data only costs a few dollars.

“If Tom Coburn argues that putting a little proviso in there to say ‘you are not allowed to keep records’ makes it anything other but gun registration, that only helps us know who Tom Coburn is.

“What this will decide is nothing less but the answer to the question – is America a unique nation, that trusts its citizens to own weapons – not ‘hunting implements’, not ‘sporting firearms’, but weapons – or it is just another country, and jut like everywhere else, the gun control movement wins battle after battle, and the gun rights organizations are only fighting a delaying action.

“Because if this passes, it will never be repealed. The NRA is not capable of, and does not have the stomach for – attacking existing Federal gun laws. They will promise to work to repeal it. They will lie, just like they lied about the Hughes amendment, where they made some symbolic move to try and strike it down and then surrendered too. But they will not repeal it if it passes.

“If they win this fight, then the gun rights movement in America is over, and everything else is a long delaying action.”

I do not disagree with a single word there.

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