Wanted: Dead or Alive

They told me if I voted for McCain, we’d go back to the times of the Wild West, and they were right!  Seems there’s a price on the head of ex-LAPD officer Chris Dorner, and the rest of the posse is out to git’m!

Or anything that faintly resembles him.

Citizens are having to take countermeasures:

Someone’s even made up this helpful guide:

But this guy isn’t worried about his truck:

Given the general marksmanship skills of the cops (there are what, 40+ hits on that blue Toyota [not gray Nissan] pickup, and they hit ONE passenger, once?  The other was cut by flying glass!  But only the police and military need those high-capacity assault magazines and semi-automatic machine gun bullet hoses that are spray-fired from the hip so that they can kill large numbers of people indiscriminately!)  he’d be better off if he painted a target on his chest and back.  They’d NEVER hit him then!

People keep tut-tutting when gunnies say they we want our guns so we can oppose a tyrannical government should the need arise.  “Pshaw!” they say.  “You can’t stand up against tanks and assault helicopters!”  As Phelps pointed out:

This is how badly the LAPD is doing against one man.

Do you really think that there is any way they can do anything when dozens of “right-wing nutjobs” start doing what he’s doing all across the country?  Or even worse, all in one city?

You gun banners are playing with fire.

And that is why they’re afraid of us and want us disarmed.

And always have.

Now, go read LawDog.

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