“Civilized” Warfare

I got a comment tonight on another post from one “Patrick Henry.”  I’ll excerpt the significant portion:

Well, if we weren’t involved in the middle east and had our troops killing everything in sight….

To which I responded:

If our troops were “killing everything in sight,” we’d have been out of there after eighteen months, tops.

This kind of “thinking” really pisses me off.

We’re still in Afghanistan after more than 11 years of war, Iraq for not quite 10.  Why?  Because we decided to go to war as gently as possible, and then pick up the smashed pieces and try to build modern nations where there were none before.

Contrast that to sixty-eight years ago this day when we dropped incendiary bombs on Tokyo, killing over 100,000 people – men, women and children – and burning sixteen square miles of the city to the ground.  THAT’S “killing everything in sight.”  THAT is total war.

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