Glock Perfection

Say Uncle linked to a Brietbart piece, ABC’s ‘Nightline’ Takes Aim at Glock Handguns in which ‘Nightline’ really hammers on the meme that Glock (the manufacturer) is eeeeeeviiilllll.

Something I noted though – I recently received a complimentary copy of Paul M. Barrett’s Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun from the publisher for review. I’m way overdue on that review (and honestly, others have done that far better than I), but I noted throughout the Brietbart column that it seemed that whoever did the ‘Nightline’ hit piece had read Mr. Barrett’s book, too. Used it as an outline, almost. When Barrett details how Glock would allow police departments to trade in their old service weapons for a discount on new Glocks, and then would sell those weapons to wholesalers, I could read an undercurrent of anger at how Glock was “putting guns on the streets” – especially when they took older Glock models (with pre-ban “high-capacity” magazines) in trade, thus illustrating the absurdity of the 1994 AWB. The ‘Nightline’ piece expands on that anger.

I’ve met Paul Barrett – he attended the Gun Blogger Rendezvous a couple of years ago, trying to gin up enthusiasm for his book. He seems a nice guy and a good investigative reporter, but I thought at the time that his book would be used as ammunition for the anti-gun forces out there, and I believe it has been.

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