.300 Winchester Magnum Brass?

Anyone?  Bueller?

So far as I can tell, unless you have something chambered in a relatively obscure black-powder metallic cartridge caliber, there is no brass to be found on the open market.

I have a brand-new .300 Win Mag coming that I’d really like to, you know, shoot eventually, and the current panic has made brass for it unobtanium – even more rare than .22 rimfire ammo.

This sh!t has got to cease.

UPDATE:  Found some – Norma, in stock at Grafs.  For about the price of gold per ounce. (*sigh*)

I think I’ll wait….

UPDATE:  Seems I can get Winchester brass already loaded for less than Norma brass empty, so I bought a case of 180 grain Super-X for $25.99/box.  That should do.

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