A Two-fer!

So in my recent post Gun Control, I stated:

enough people now refuse to take the blame for something we didn’t do that we’re politically powerful.  We refuse to be shamed.  We reject shaming.  And as Instapundit put it recently

It’s pretty irritating, being shamed by people who have none themselves.

And in my more recent post Oh Yeah, the Anti-Gun Activists are Stoked Now!, I noted that a recent anti-gun protest in D.C. drew a light crowd. Well, there’s been some further reporting by the Washington Free Beacon. Pertinent excerpts:

Between 50 and 60 people gathered to march through D.C.’s lobbying corridor, stopping to chant and hoist Fairey’s poster at offices that do business with the nation’s largest Second Amendment organization.

“Down with lobbyists! Down with the NRA!” the protesters shouted. “Shame on the lobbyists! Shame on the NRA!”

The purpose, organizers said, was to shame not only the NRA but also the lobbying shops that worked with them to stymie gun-control legislation.

But this is priceless!

Some brief confusion ensued Thursday when protesters arrived at the first nondescript office building and no one could remember which lobbying firm was located inside.

“Whatever, we’ll get it to them later,” one organizer told another after milling about for a few minutes. “Let’s not stand around looking like idiots.”


And, in relation to my post “Nobody Wants to Take Your Guns”:

“The main problem with gun legislation and gun violence is the permissivity of ownership,” John Schuster, a D.C. resident, told the Washington Free Beacon as the group trundled down K Street.

Schuster did not consider the Second Amendment an individual right, as the Supreme Court has ruled it to be.

The ideal solution to guns, Schuster said, would be to “repeal the Second Amendment and replace it with something the Supreme Court can’t misinterpret.”

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