Quote of the Day – Compromise Edition

Michael Z. Williamson wins today’s Quote of the Day with this beauty from his Facebook page:

I am the counter to the extreme “no guns” camp. I am the “legalize nukes” camp. Somewhere in the middle is a bargaining point. As long as it includes machine guns and cannon, I’m willing to compromise on nukes.

What I am not willing to do is say, “We gave up nukes, arty, machine guns, so let’s compromise on rifles.” Because that is NOT compromise, it is piecemeal surrender, with nothing given in return.

In exchange for compromising on nukes, I expect the CMP to not only sell weapons to civilians, but to furnish a crate of ammo per buyer every 5 years, to support its Congressionally mandated charter of equipping the militia–all able bodied adults.

See? Compromise. 🙂

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