And So It Ends….

Had a wonderful evening with 25-30 people, some I knew, some I’d met, some new to me.  Back in the hotel and ready for my last night in Houston.  I tried to extend my stay one more day, but apparently there’s a Big Oil thing going on next week.  I was told that the hotel was completely booked for Sunday, but even if there was a cancellation, the room rate would be $400 that night, so I’m outta here.  I’ll decide tomorrow whether I want to stop in El Paso (about 10 hours) or drive on through to Tucson (another five hours).  At any rate, the plan is to hit the road early, and it’s 11:47 10:47PM CDT as I type this.

G’night, y’all.  I had a great time this weekend.  No blogging tomorrow, most probably.

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