At the NRA Annual Meeting

Got out of class at 11:30, got to the GRB Convention center by about 12:30, drove around for half an hour trying to find a parking lot closer than half a mile away and failed.  Finally got to the media room a few minutes ago and got my credentials.  Now I’m sitting at a table in the media room with Nancy R., Jay G., and Ambulance Driver.

Had dinner last night with those three and:

Weer’d Beard
In Jennifer’s Head
Gay Cynic
Sandcastle Scrolls and family
Expert Witness
Smoke on the Water
No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money
Snooze Button Ronin

And a couple of readers/commenters.  If I missed anyone, my apologies.

Cool!!  Time to hit the convention floor.  Looking forward to the rest of the weekend. 

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