Jim Henson Lives!

Jim Henson, creative genius behind the Muppets, was involved in several other things during his career.  From 1983 through 1987 he did a show for HBO called Fraggle Rock.  If you’ll recall, HBO was still quite new to most people as cable television spread around the country.  We’d moved to Arizona in 1981, but it was my brother (five years older than I) who moved into an apartment and got HBO first.

He loved Fraggle Rock.

Apparently, someone in New Mexico does too.  For as long as I’ve been driving back and forth between Tucson and Silver City (or, more recently, Houston and Tucson) someone has kept the paint on their own personal Fraggle Rock fresh:

 photo IMG_2364.jpg

That was taken out the passenger window of the Mustang at 75MPH on my way west on I-10 just six miles west of Lordsburg.

Now THAT’s a FAN.

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