Quote of the Day – GeekWithA.45 Edition

In a comment to the post below:

Our opponents take the position that guns are self evidently bad, a source of inherent evil, to be tolerated only as a shameful matter that, like the dark ages lists of books likely to be (mis?)understood by the unwashed masses, are therefore forbidden to any without special gloves, mental training, and the anointment of the magic pixie dust of State.

That we reject their contention that this is a shameful, shameful matter, to be hidden from the children, and only discussed in whispers after dark. We reject the premise that gun clubs should be treated as brothel hallways, where each man points his face to the floor in shame, lest he recognize, or be recognized. We reject the premise that arms are the sole purview of the state. We reject the premise that the State is somehow endowed of inherently superior stuff, and that all are to forever to accept their station in life and hold ourselves subordinate to it. And this… is all the evidence they will ever need of our depravity and in the eyes of some, outright evil. It is all the evidence they will ever need that we are an inherent hazard to society, and therefore our suppression, marginalization and elimination is a well justified social good.

Well, as they say, bad luck with all of that. I can wish them only misery and failure.

Jesus forgave those who acted in ignorance, but I see no reason to, for these know full well what they do.

“God help us, for we will not plow for those who didn’t beat their swords into plowshares.”

So say we all.

So say we all.

Start blogging again, Geek. I mean it.

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