Steven Den Beste Returns

In a rare political post on his anime blog Chizumatic, Steven opines on the media’s reaction to the current Washington scandals in See no Evil.  My only disagreement with Steven comes from this excerpt:

So even though we’re increasingly uncomfortable acting as a shill for the government instead of as an opposing force, the way we always thought the press was supposed to be, …

The press doesn’t take that position. The press has an administrative control bias that is decidedly Leftist in slant. They’re an “opposing force” only when the wrong people are in charge, or are doing something that the New York Times editors don’t agree with.  The rest of the time they see their job as conveying the divine grace of government to the laypeople of the public.

Other than that, spot-on.

Perhaps now someone in addition to Sharyl Atkisson of ABCNNBCBS will do some actual reporting.

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