The eighth (8th!) annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous is coming up, September 5-8 in Reno, Nevada.  Each year the Rendezvous is sponsored by several manufacturers and distributors of firearms and firearm accessories, along with gun rights and advocacy groups:

Allchin Gun Parts
Crimson Trace
Dillon Precision
Front Sight Academy
Hi-Point / MKS Supply
Lucky Gunner
Tactical Solutions
Burris Optics

True Blue Sam did a little video of some of last year’s sponsors:

Trust me, the swag is worth the $30 registration fee alone, and this year the sponsors will be feeding us breakfast Friday and Saturday, and dinner Saturday as well.

S&W team shooter “Millisecond” Molly Smith and her family will be joining us again this year, and for the first time we’ll have a bowling ball mortar at one of our shoots:


Bowling ball mortar courtesy of new GBR sponsor  If I did the math right, a 22 second hang-time corresponds to a peak altitude of approximately 1950 feet AGL. Impressive.  If you come to GBR-VIII, I’ll tell you the story of the bowling ball mortar at the second big Southern Arizona shoot….

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