I’d Pay to See That

Schlock Mercenary‘s author Howard Tayler reviews pans The Lone Ranger and gets this gem in comments:

What’s really important though is whether Disney is going to insist on shoehorning this big chewed-up wad of failure into the Kingdom Hearts franchise, when they SHOULD be taking advantage of their ownership of the Muppets, Marvel Comics and Star Wars to have the Beast (X-Men), the Beast (Beauty & the), Chewbacca and Cookie Monster having Jedi Lightsaber Duels with FFVII’s Sephiroth on the slopes of Chernabog (the big mountain demon from Fantasia), who has been relocated to the surface of the Death Star, while Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band provide their interpretation of his signature “Night on Bald Mountain”. Holy crap, Disney! HOLY CRAP!!!

…. what the heck were we talking about again?

Oh HELL yes! I’d pay to see that!

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