This Woman Had More than Tissue Paper

Wife killed husband in self-defense

A McMinn county man was shot and killed by his wife on Saturday within 15 minutes of leaving jail after he was arrested earlier in the day.

The McMinn County Sheriff said shortly before 8 am Saturday, Athens Police Officers received a report that Robert Vann Marshall, 34, was irate, suicidal, armed and threatening to kill his wife and children.

Officers stopped Robert Marshall shortly afterward at the Athens Super 8 Motel. The officers found he had a handgun and various narcotics pills in his possession.

Authorities found there to be an active order of protection against him and arrested him for the firearms and narcotics charges and took him to the McMinn County Justice Center.

While in custody authorities read and explained the order of protection to Marshall and gave him a copy of it. He was ordered to not contact his wife, or go to their residence, or else he would be charged.

Authorities said Robert Marshall made bond and was eventually released at approximately 1:27 p.m.

Then at approximately 1:38 p.m., 911 received a call from the Marshall residence where Melissa Marshall, stated that her husband, Robert Marshall was at the residence attending to get inside.

While authorities made their way to the residence, Ms. Marshall indicated that her husband forced his way inside and then she told dispatchers that she had shot him.

Athens Police Officers and McMinn Sheriffs Deputies arrived at the home and found the front door kicked in with Robert Marshall lying in a back bedroom with a fatal gunshot wound to his chest.

Unlike Claudia Pascal or Shennell McKendall or Yong Sun Park, her mother, father, and six year-old son.

Melissa Marshall will now live with the aftermath of having taken a life, but she’s alive to have that experience and not dead at her husband’s hands.

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