I Will Not Register

Wirecutter has the storyRCOB.

And I will never voluntarily set foot in California again.

UPDATE:  Reader Stephen R notes that in the comments at Wirecutter’s place, people are questioning the validity of the story since no one can find the supposed change in the law.  I found the original NPR story which does mention the $24M budget increase for gun confiscation, but does not mention a law change, and the apparent source, InfoWars.com which states:

In 2011, a gun confiscation sweep across 43 counties over a six week period resulted in over 1,200 firearms seized from 723 people.

Later on, the state can easily expand the list of “prohibited persons” to include even people who are behind on their state taxes or did not pay their toll fees on time.

Which, of course, someone took to mean that they had.

Still, have you seen what can earn you a felony conviction these days?

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