Quote of the Day – Prophecy Edition

As mentioned in the post below, reader John Hardin has taken the download I got from JS-Kit/Echo when they discontinued their commenting function, and has reconstructed many of the comment threads that were previously lost including the one to my February, 2008 post Human Reconstruction, the Healing of Souls, and the Remaking of Society. Today’s QotD comes from that recovered comment thread, by reader “James”:

Anyone who has listened to anything Obama has ever said and who thinks he is going to do anything that even remotely resembles defending the Constitution is simply delusional.

He will keep everything passed by the current administration and add more of his own. He will then turn in inwards in ways that Bush could never get away with, and get nothing but applause for it. Same goes for Hillary and the Manchurian Candidate. There is simply no way to impliment and administer their socialist program without it.

And five years later on, he proves to be absolutely 100% accurate with the exception of the “applause” comment, at least with regard to things like expanded drone strikes, NSA spying on American citizens, IRS-Gate, etc.   

Silence, yes.  “Applause” not so much.

I have the BEST readers, I swear.

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